General Development Guidelines:

The following applies to the road to 1.0

Systems will be versioned x.y.z, where x is major release, y is minor release, and z is patch. With the exception of the initial releases, y should be even when the development process is in bug killing mode. No features may be added while y is even. Feature additions and improvements, other than bug fixes, will take place only in odd y releases. Improvements that are bug fixes can wait. Such as 0.3.0 should be a development release. 0.4.0 should be a bug killing release, with as many bugs squished as possible. This is intended to keep the software as bug free as possible. Time spent waiting for user feedback during bug kill cycles should be spent planning the next developments. Version 1.0 will be released when all the requirements listed are fulfilled. Minor release numbers can be up to whatever number is neccisary before 1.0. Patch numbers will be used in increments in stable releases to patch bugs, and in development releases to indicate

Author: Aaron Walding
Updated: 2/6/2002
Version: 1.0